Traveling While Vegan (Vegetarian)

What is the one thing we all want to do and have to do when we go on vacations? Eat!


That becomes harder when you are a vegetarian and even harder when you are vegan. No one wants to feel worried that they will not have options to eat or feel hungry on vacation. I know that is when I want to eat even more.  

SO I want to give you 10 Countries or places that vegetarians can feel confident they can go and still feel nourished. I also will provide a few tips, especially for Vegans, to help them enjoy their food experience.

So without further ado, let us begin our adventures Close to home that is if you live in the US.

  • Portland Oregon
    • Portland is a place where you won’t have to do much research before heading out to eat. Here the farm to table movement is in full swing, and it is a paradise for Vegetarians and Vegans Alike. If you want more information regarding Portland and the restaurants head over to A Professional Vegans Guide to Portland and get the scoop on what Portland has to offer.

Heading overseas may seem more daunting, but believe me, there are plenty of countries and places that will be able to nourish the hungry vegetarian or vegan.

So let's start our list south of the US

  • Bogota Colombia isn't what would first come to mind. While chicken, pork, and beef dominate the food scene, there are plenty of veggie dishes to be had. I would say Vegans may have a harder time in Bogata, but the street food here is fantastic and inexpensive. Empanadas, arepas, pan de yucca, Veggie Tamales, even Paacones or Banana Chips. If anyone here has been to South America and you have suggestions regarding restaurants or for in South America comment below.

Now going North of the US.

  • Montreal Canada, Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking community, with a sizeable European influence that is still evident in its architecture, festivals and of course food. You can find just about any type of international cuisine, and will not have a hard time finding vegan or vegetarian choices in this Large city.

Now Heading overseas

  • Budapest Hungary is maybe one of those cities you would not think of. Along with the Amazing Architecture such as the Buda Castle, Hungarian Parliament, and the Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest also has a great variety of plant-based foods. You won’t leave hungry.
  • Italy is a given. The great thing about Italy, beyond being a vegetarian dream with pizzas, pasta, soups, and risottos, every region has its own distinct flavor. Now Italy is heavy on the cheese and eggs, so this may not be great for vegans, but typically in most restaurants, you will find some vegan options.
  • Jamaica…..Oh, jamaica. If you are looking for White Sands and sun, do not look any further. With the large Rasta Community finding a really great vegetarian or Vegan meal is not going to be hard. The ital diet of the Rastafarians is at its purest vegan with the philosophy of restoring vital energy to the body. The food is well seasoned and very flavourful. The fresh juices really will wow you. SO much variety and you must try the Coconut Jelly Water!  
  • Bali, Indonesia is another extremely vegan-friendly island. Indonesia itself has tons of offerings for the vegetarian or vegan. But I have heard Jakarta can be a bit of a challenge. Many Indonesian dishes are vegan-friendly just by their nature. Indonesia has a very dense plant-based, low dairy cuisine. The only items you may need to be aware of is Shrimp paste and egg. Many dishes also come with a side of Prawn crackers. Just ask that it be made without the egg, shrimp paste or fish sauce.
  • Taiwan is another great destination with endless mountains and beaches and diverse cities. You will still find so many vegetarian options. Fish sauce is used heavily here, but if you carry a small bottle of Vegan-friendly fish sauce, you can ask the vendor to substitute with your sauce. Happily, though Taiwan is home to more than 600 vegan and vegetarian restaurants and 57 restaurants that are entirely plant-based. So you are not going to have a hard time finding choices.
  • Reykjavik Iceland is a great place to catch the northern lights and is up to speed on travelers needs when it comes to veganism and Vegetarianism. There are many options to restaurants, even some of the convenience stores have dedicated sections to organic and vegan snacks.
  • Last but not least is the beautiful country of Israel. I would say that Israel is one of the most vegan-friendly places in the world. You will not have any problems finding fantastic food in Israel, especially Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a stunning city sitting on the Mediterranean coast. The amount of variety in fresh vegetable and fruit here is fantastic. The numbers of vegan in this country have boomed in the last six years, and Israel even promotes itself as a vegan nation.


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