Now is the Time to Travel

COVID-19 really did put a halt to everyone's travel plans. It was a tough time for people all around the globe. But now, the situation is changing. The world is slowly but surely recovering from the pandemic. Businesses are open, and safety measures are in place, which means that traveling is now accessible. All those dreams of traveling put to stop can now come to life.  Now is the time to take advantage of the large inventory and reduced prices.  Next year this time prices will have increased as everyone who has travel credits from canceled trips start to re-book.

There is no better way to reconnect with the world and your inner self then going to places you love. Our awake your sense of wonder by visiting somewhere you have never been and experience something new. In these travels, your reliable partner is none other than your travel agent.

Why would you need a travel agent when everything is accessible through the internet, you say?

Why spend extra money to hire a travel agent? Let me put that myth to rest. Here is how at The Great Escape Vacations, we do not charge you for our services. Particular itineraries may require a non-refundable booking deposit. But that will be applied to your booking. We will ensure that we are getting you a balance between the best prices and even better amenities. Here are a few more ways your travel agent can benefit you.

Save Time

One of the most significant yet most superficial reasons people opt for a travel agency is to save time. If you don't have a lot of free time on your plate, or even if you do, why waste it on scrolling through the internet for the best deals, cheap hotels, and flights, when we can do it for you.

It takes days and thorough research to make connections and set forward a budget-friendly deal. If you are a busy person, then opting for a travel agency is beneficial. All those hassles vanish when you hire us, and we spend our time finding the perfect and affordable travel for you.

Stress Reduction
You won't have to worry about any transfer times and confirmations nor rely on the internet reviews of the destination you choose. You come to us with your preferences and rely on our expertise.

You will be talking to our travel specialists who visited the destination you describe, all its best places to enjoy your travel to the maximum. We won't suggest a timeline that doesn't match your travel criteria.

Safety Assurance

Natural emergencies can occur at any time and place. These unexpected emergencies tend to leave travelers feeling stranded and vulnerable. A travel agency ensures their client's safety if an emergency happens in the destination you travel to. Our travel agents will make sure you reach a safe spot and return to your home soon and safe.

We also know which areas to suggest that best match your lifestyle and taste while keeping you safe. This way, we help you avoid any potential scams or shady places.

Say Goodbye to Chatbots

With us, you can ask questions to mitigate your queries. On the internet, the sites are full of chatbots that don't offer that user-friendly experience. But that's not the case with us. You interact in real life with real people. You will talk to a real live person who will answer all your questions with the best possible solution.

Now that the businesses and countries are following SOP's to ensure safety from COVID, it's safe to say you can travel anywhere easily. With us, you get to know how to follow each destination's safety protocols and what to expect, along with the peace of mind that your safety is number one.

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