Congratulations on your engagement!

The thrilling moment you've always dreamed of - the person you love getting down on one knee and asking you to marry them – has finally happened, and you're engulfed in that newly-engaged glow! After the proposal comes, a flurry of thoughts running through your mind, like who you have to call or see and how to tell all the rest of your people the exciting news… you're engaged! It seems as soon as your loved one pops the question, people start swirling around the question, "when is the big day." As you're settling into the new status of "engaged," your mind will definitely start going in the direction of when and where to get married.

As every aunt and coworker starts throwing out suggested venues, you may find yourself unsure of what really fits your vision, budget, and style. There comes the point when many couples feel overwhelmed in the process and start throwing around the idea of a destination wedding, and there's a good reason why… destination weddings are a fantastic option for your special day! Whether you're looking to escape to a romantic European castle for your vows or want to dip your toes in the turquoise water of the Caribbean on your walk down the aisle, there is a destination wedding for every style, every budget, and every couple.

If you’re interested in escaping to a destination to create priceless and cherished memories during your wedding, then escape with us and let us show you why having a destination wedding is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Benefits of a Destination Wedding + Hiring a Destination Planner

Provides a Beautiful Destination to Start Married Life

Whether you're interested in beach-front, rural oasis, or urban city, a destination wedding sets a beautiful backdrop to start your married life. What a beautiful way to start a marriage and a life together! It’s fun to explore and experience something new as a couple.

All-Inclusive Resorts Make All the Difference

Many resort destinations offer all-inclusive packages that can help you keep to your budget as well as give you and your guests the elevated experience you're looking for. It's the attention to detail that people notice, such as a welcome cocktail, a complimentary treat upon arrival, and friendly staff remembering your preferences. All-inclusive resorts specialize in making every guest feel important, and nothing is more important than you feeling supported and celebrated during this time, as well as your guests being comfy!

Be Present + Capture the Beauty.

It’s common for a couple to leave their wedding feeling rushed, exhausted, and sadly unable to enjoy any of the stuff they planned … like the cake or the DJ! Having a destination automatically allows you to slow down, savor the moments, breathe in the beauty, and be present with your dearest loved ones. It definitely gives you both time to spend with them on the day of, but destination weddings often turn into a long weekend trip with your guests! Not only do you get to share this special day with them, but you can keep the party going throughout the remainder of the visit.

Enjoy the Process

Wedding planning can be stressful whether you have it in your backyard, a local venue, or a beautiful destination. Take that stress away and let a professional handle all the details so you can enjoy and be present. Hiring a destination wedding planner is the best decision you will make. A destination wedding planner can offer special deals and incentives from resorts and vendors as they have cultivated a relationship with these people and have gathered a team they trust. They will know who to work with, who to avoid, how to get around, the legality of getting married in a different country, and can help with any language barriers that may arise in the planning process.

Neutral Territory

Tension can arise when there are two families in two locations, and both want the wedding in their own town. What do you do?! Well, luckily, planning for a destination wedding fixes that issue really quickly. A benefit of having a destination wedding is it provides neutral territory, no longer a "mine” town or “your" town but instead a beautifully neutral space where everyone is on equal terms.

Great spots for a destination wedding

The Caribbean – places like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Antigua, and Grenada all make up some of the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean is one of the most visited and sought after destination wedding spots in the world, and it's no wonder; it's absolutely breathtaking. The turquoise blue water, the soft white sand that goes on for miles… all of it just adds to the beauty, charm, and peace of a Caribbean destination affair.

South America – If you're looking to go a little South, then definitely consider Mexico, Belize, and Honduras for your destination wedding. Taste the local flavors of the people, immerse yourself into the rituals and customs and allow your guests to experience them too.

Florida Keys – You don't need an international flight to get to the Keys, but instantly you'll assimilate to "Island Time" in the Keys. Key West, Key Largo, Sunset Key, and Little Torch Key are some of the most beautiful Florida beaches and ocean-front properties to plan a tropical destination wedding.

Hawaii – the islands of Hawaii are always a dream destination for many engaged couples. Not only are they breathtaking, but each island offers something a little different. The hustle and bustle of the big islands or the quiet garden oasis of Kauai, every island has its own vibe. You don’t need a passport to get to this little piece of paradise if you’re a United States citizen.

Escape With Us!

The idea of escaping somewhere different than your regular day-to-day lives is thrilling in and of itself, but then mix in the happiest day of your life, and the amount of joy and exuberance something like a destination wedding can bring you and your loved ones is priceless. The beauty of a destination wedding is there are truly limitless possibilities. If you're looking for a big party blow out on the beach, you got it. If you'd rather have an intimate private affair followed by a romantic dinner in a fabulous restaurant, you can have it. Whether you have 10 people or 90 people joining you, your day will be spectacular and magical. Working with a destination wedding expert helps marry your dreams to a fantastic reality, and they will make sure everything pre-wedding, during, and after the wedding is effortless, which gives you the reassurance you need to go and just have a blast and enjoy your day! No need to worry about the flowers being right or dinner being served on time, because when you escape with us – we've got you covered every moment of your special day.

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